Good News!Biosis Healing has developed a neutralizing antibody detection kit for testing the efficacy of novel coronavirus vaccine


At present, more than ten vaccines have been approved for marketing or emergency use in many countries and regions around the world. According to the New York Times' novel coronavirus vaccination tracking data, more than 240 million doses of novel coronavirus vaccine have been vaccinated globally, approximately 3.2 out of every 100 people have been vaccinatedWith the widespread vaccination of the novel coronavirus vaccine worldwide, people have questions about whether the vaccine has produced antibodies in the body. This demand has accelerated the development process of neutralizing antibody detection kits for "novel coronavirus vaccine effectiveness evaluation".

Recently, the author learned from Beijing Biosis Healing Biological Technology Co., Ltd. that the company and Zhongguancun Zhongyan Health Science and Technology Research Institute ("Chinese Research Institute") have jointly developed a neutralizing antibody detection kit “Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Neutralizing Antibody Detection Kit (Colloidal Gold Immune Chromatography)” to evaluate the level of neutralizing antibodies in humans after being vaccinated with 2019-nCoV vaccine and recovering from infectionwhich has become the first echelon company to enter this field in the world.

According to the person in charge of the company, neutralizing antibodies are often used as reference indicators in evaluating the potential immune protection efficacy of natural infection of virus or vaccination. In the case detection and analysis conducted by the company and the Chinese Research Institute, the detection reagent was compared with the neutralization test with the positive judgment value of NT50 of 30 in 350 cases, including pre-immunization, post-immunization and convalescent serum tests. Compared with a neutralization titer greater than 30, the relative sensitivity was 96.7%, the relative specificity was 97.9%, and the total coincidence rate was 97.4%. In addition, the detection kit is simple and convenient to operate, with no need for equipment, an individual can complete the test, the test result can be obtained within 15 minutes, and it can be transported and stored at room temperature.

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