TÜV CE certificat: introduction of Medical Gloves


TÜV SÜD CE certificate:No.G2S 101395 0003 Rev.00

Typical applications:

Medical Gloves are suitble for basic protection of medical staff and relavant personnel, as well as protection against cross infection between doctors and patients.

Medical Gloves  

Main material

Medical Gloves are mainly made of Polyvinyl fluoride. The shape of the gloves are designed according to the shape of human hand with great sensitivety.

Medical Gloves don’t contain latex component , so it will not cause allergic reaction.

Medical Gloves both have antistatic, aging resistance and oil resistance.

Product performance

Certificate details

ISO  13485 QMS Certificate 

CE Certificate 

China Certificate 

Non-sterile DOC  

EN374 Report  

EN 455 Report  

 Export sales Certificate

 Customs qualification 

 Production License  

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