Introduction of FFP3 Protective Mask


Conform to EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP3 NR

Typical applications: General isolation of the daily personnel contact areas such as offices, homes, schools, and public transportation facilities.

FFP3 Protective Mask  

The FFP3 protective masks use high-gram high-end polypropylene melt-blown fabrics as the main raw material, combined with non-woven fabrics and hot-air cotton to form a four-layer filter system. Polypropylene melt blown cloth can effectively filter ultra-fine particles through electrostatic adsorption and physical filtration, can effectively filter suspended particles or germs, and the filtration efficiency of oil particles can reach more than 99%. The foldable design increases the comfort of wearing the mask. The nose clip and headband can be adjusted while meeting the requirements of comfort and tightness. It is suitable for wearing in most situations.


Filtration efficiency: the mask with at least 99% filtration efficiency effective against certain non-oil based particles. It can effectively separate suspended particles and bacteria.

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Module B Test Report 

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