Introduction of FFP2 Protective Mask


Module B certificate: No.0370-4181-PPE/B

Typical applications: General isolation of the daily personnel contact areas such as offices, homes, schools, and public transportation facilities.

FFP2 Protective Mask 

Main material: It is manufactured with high-end nanofibrous film as the core filter layer. And a four-layer structure of the mask is formed by the nanofibrous film with non-woven fabric and hot air non-woven fabric, which is lighter and thinner than tranditional FFP2 masks. Biosis Healing made lighter masks, good balance between high adaptation and comfortable.

Filtration efficiency: the mask with at least 99% filtration efficiency. It can effectively separate suspended particles and bacteria.

Product performance

Certificate details

Module B Certificate 

Module B Certificate 

Module C2 Certificate 

Module C2 Certificate 

DEKRA Certificate 

Module B Test Report 

Module B Test Report 

Module C2 Test Report 

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